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History Behind Akboria


Akboria is a group of companies. It has restaurants, confectioneries, hotels, auto flour mills, printing & packaging and many other companies. Our hotline numbers: 01789332233

  • In 1905, it all began as a simple restaurant named “Muhammad Ali Restaurant” by Late Md. Khoshjahan Ali. After 6 years, in 1911, it was renamed as “Akboria Grand Hotel” by his son, Md. Akbar Ali who took over the business from his dad.
  • At the beginning of 19th century, Khoshjahan Ali moved to Bogra from Murshidabad because of family unrest. At that time in bogra, Hindu people were the dominating group. They had most of the business at their grasp, including the restaurant business. There was not even a single restaurant in Borga that served food for Muslims, and in the restaurants owned by Hindu people, Muslims were not treated fairly. In this situation, ‘Akboria Grand Hotel’ started its journey, and within very short time it gained massive popularity among the Muslim people.
  • After few years of its journey, it started to feed poor people for free. Slowly and gradually it started to expand the size of its business by increasing its customer capacity, and as well as adding new items in the food menu. Till today, Akboria Grand Hotel continues its service to the people of Bogra with its popularity still on the rise.