Akboria Abasik

Akboria continued to expand its restaurant by increasing its capacity and as well as adding versatile food items, but it didn’t move into expansion to other business units until 1978, when it finally opened a new business unit named “Akboria Abasik” by Late Md. Shahjahan Ali, eldest son of Akbar Ali. It is a residence hotel, mainly targeting the businessmen travelling to Bogra. Bogra is known as the heart of North Bengal being the center of business activities. People from all over the country used to travel there for business purpose, but they were lacking a suitable hotel to stay. Targeting these business travelers, Akboria started their venture into the hotel business. It has gone through a massive renovation in 2008. Since, 1978 it has continued to serve business travelers and tourists. Some of its marketing strategies are as follows:

Providing Safety and Security:

Akboria Abasik’s location has been chosen just beside the Police office of Bogra city. Businessman who travel to Bogra, used to bring lot of money with them. Their prime target always was Akboria. Since it was the safest place of the city.

Free Services:

Akboria Abasik used to give lots of free services such as cleaning clothes, booking bus or train tickets, buying necessary things for market, providing tooth brash, soaps, etc. None of the other hotels at that time used to provide these services. These services actually created a feeling of comfort for travelers, and that’s why they always used to prefer Akboria. Akboria created a huge edge over its competitors within a short time.

Creating Returning Customers:

It used many strategies to create returning customers. Such as, Providing a nice entrance view, and room view. Remembering their names, and calling them with that in their subsequent visits, creating a homely environment, etc.