Akboria Auto Biscuit Factory

One of the latest additions to Akboria’s business units is the “Akboria Auto Biscuit Factory” started by Hossain Ali Dulal in 2009. This is another huge venture started by Akboria group in order to fight with the big guns of auto biscuit factories that entered North Bengal such as Nabisco. Some of the major marketing strategies taken by Akboria Auto Biscuit Factory are as follows:

Test Marketing:

Akboria already had a distribution system of their hand made bakery items. At the initial stage, they used this distribution system to do the marketing of the Auto biscuit factory. After taking reviews from resellers, and customers, when their product reached a satisfactory level, they started their own distribution channel for the auto biscuit factory.

Use of Latest Equipments:

Most of the manufacturing process of this business unit is done by machines. While purchasing machines, Akboria has so far chosen the latest ones. Though might be expensive, those have proven to be more efficient, and caused less problem compared to some other competitor’s machines.