Akboria Bread & Biscuit Factory

In 1987, Akboria group marked a huge step up after creating a business unit, named “Akboria Bread and Biscuit Factory” by Late Me. Shahjahan Ali. It manufactures bakery and confectionary items only. Initially it targeted the market of Bogra only, but soon it covered every single district of Rajshahi division because of its massive popularity. Since its start from 1987, it has been experiencing a very enviable growth, continuously creating branches, and creating new production sites. Some of the major marketing strategies of this business unit are as follows:

Own Distribution Force:

In order to reduce the MRP price to minimum, Akboria has created its own distribution channels. It has nearly about 50 vehicles that carry its product every day. Each vehicle has its own route that don’t conflict with each other. Each vehicle is accompanied with a marketing manager that handles demand/ supply of all the retailers of that route, and as well as make forecasting of products and customer needs. They distribute products to Akboria’s branches and as well as other retailers.

Heavy budget for R&D and Product Development:

This business unit expends a lot of money on R&D. It collects information about customer needs, and markets, and forecasts accordingly. It also spend a lot of its resource on their product development to get a better market share.


Akboria hosts many events such as ceremonies and conferences. In these events they provide food and manage the servings by themselves. In these cases, they offer sponsoring on the packaging of their products to earn more revenue.