Akboria Grand Hotel

In 1905, it all began as a simple restaurant named “Muhammad Ali Restaurant” by Late Md. Khoshjahan Ali. After 6 years, in 1911, it was renamed as “Akboria Grand Hotel” by his son, Md. Akbar Ali who took over the business from his dad.

At the beginning of 19th century, Khoshjahan Ali moved to Bogra from Murshidabad because of family unrest. At that time in bogra, Hindu people were the dominating group. They had most of the business at their grasp, including the restaurant business. There was not even a single restaurant in Borga that served food for Muslims, and in the restaurants owned by Hindu people, Muslims were not treated fairly. In this situation, ‘Akboria Grand Hotel’ started its journey, and within very short time it gained massive popularity among the Muslim people. After few years of its journey, it started to feed poor people for free. Slowly and gradually it started to expand the size of its business by increasing its customer capacity, and as well as adding new items in the food menu. Till today, Akboria Grand Hotel continues its service to the people of Bogra with its popularity still on the rise. Some of its marketing strategies are as follows:

Mass Marketing:

One of the major marketing strategy taken by Akboria Grand Hotel is mass marketing. It targets all level of people. Poor day labors can have a full lunch here without any overhead, as well as rich, and wealthy people can have lunch with high quality and exotic food items. Such diverse its food menu is! In 1940s, it provided fixed breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one month to one person for only taka 15. On the other hand, it provided a ‘special biriani’ for 1 taka.


Akboria always supports innovating new food items by allowing their creative cooks to do experiments with recipes. They never discourage creativity. Over the century Akboria has continued to innovate new food items in the market, which has set standard for other restaurants in the market. They suffer initial loss while doing experiments, but in most cases, once the end product hits the market, it not only makes up for the loss but generates surplus revenue. Shahi Jilapi, Bou Shohagi Pitha, Special Doi, etc are examples of such innovative product.


Akboria always keep track of food industry not only in Bogra, but also over entire Bangladesh. In order to fight with its competitor, Akboria adapts popular food itmes of other restaurants of the local market of Bogra. It also investigates popular food items from different location all over Bangladesh. If it can successfully copy that food item, it starts marketing item. Akboria’s Lachsa, and Shemai are examples of such adapted food items which is massively popular in the local market.