Akboria Heartland Café

Akboria Heartland Café is a sister concern of Akboria Grand Hotel, inaugurated by Hossain Ali Dulal, and Hasan Ali Alal, being inspired by the the World cup Soccer 2008 event, and targets young generation who are sports enthusiasts.

Creation History:

Its target was to utilize the hype of World Cup Soccer. The two main rivals teams among Bangladeshi soccer fans for World cup were Brazil, and Argentina, and two main rival soccer stars were Messi and Kaka. And along with the fans of Bogra, the owners of the Akboria group were also divided into two groups. Hossain Ali Dulal was supporting Brazil, and Hasan Ali Alal was supporting Argentina. The employees were also divided into two groups following the owners.  Heartland Café was fueled by this world cup soccer events, decorating its interior with soccer stars, and providing an LCD TV to broadcast live soccer events.

Target Group:

“Watch sports, and have something to eat” – this was the slogan of the café. Thus it targets the young generation to whom watching sports is a must. It provides specialized items of foods only which are a little high priced than usual, and of course which are prepared with heart for better taste.