Akboria Misti Mela

As Bogra became more and more business center and a place of attraction or North Bengal, more and more competition was faced by Akboria. New players were entering into the food industry, both from local market, and as well as competitors from Dhaka were setting up branches in Bogra. Akboria did not have any answer to this competition, and was losing a chunk of market share to this newly established food shops and restaurants. To fight with this competition, Akboria started a food shop named “Akboria Misty Mela”, by Hasan Ali Alal, and his twin brother Hossain Ali Dulal. It primarily targeted the Fast Food Industry, but it also offered Sweet meats, and Chinese itmes. Some of the marketing strategies of Akboria Misty Mela are as follows:

Stylist and Trendy Setup:

It was establish to fight the competition of the trendy section of the market, where style is highly valued along with food quality. So, its interior was decorated in a trendy manner. Its interior catches anyone who enters in it. It also came with huge LCD TVs, and surround sound speakers, and offered a very high quality environment. Overall, huge money was spent on the setup of this food shop.

Niche Marketing:

This was the first time Akboria went for niche marketing. This is a food shop, and anyone can buy from it, but its decoration and everything was prepared for the people who are in line with the recent trend of the food market, that is mainly the young generation.