Akboria Plus

Akboria’s Restaurant section needed a renovation or expansion, and it was felt by both the owners and customers. In 1994, Akboria Plus was formed by Md. Hasan Ali Alal, son of Late Md. Akbor Ali. It is a restaurant targeting the sophisticated or the rich people only. It is mainly known as a Chinese Restaurant, but it also offered regular Bangladeshi foods, but only the high quality ones. Some of its marketing strategies are as follows:

Segmented Marketing:

Due to mass marketing strategy of Akboria Grand Hotel, it is always crowded with many people. Though many high quality foods are sold there, but rich people didn’t like the crowded environment. So, eventually Akoboria started to lose these segments of the market. The main focus of this restaurant was to bring back that segment of the market.

Product Differentiation:

Akboria plus was a different experience as a restaurant. Not only it targeted the segmented market, it also offered different products apart from Akboria Grand Hotel, and other restaurants in the local market. It hired new, and expert cooks to attract the lost market share. In the end, Akboria plus was able to recapture the sophisticated and aristocrat people’s interest that they lost.